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The city's social structure was tribal, and its inhabitants spoke Palmyrene (a dialect of Aramaic); Greek was used for commercial and diplomatic purposes.

The culture of Palmyra was influenced by Greco-Roman culture and produced distinctive art and architecture that combined eastern and western traditions.

Palmyra's wealth enabled the construction of monumental projects, such as the Great Colonnade, the Temple of Bel, and the distinctive tower tombs.

The Palmyrenes were a mix of Amorites, Arameans, and Arabs.

Palmyra changed hands on a number of occasions between different empires before becoming a subject of the Roman Empire in the first century AD.

The city grew wealthy from trade caravans; the Palmyrenes were renowned merchants who established colonies along the Silk Road and operated throughout the Roman Empire.

Choć rozmowa była wielce kombinowana i łączyła słowa z wielu języków, udało nam się dogadać.

Przekonali mnie do zmiany planów i trasy wspinaczki.

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I was lucky enough to attend the couture workshop in Sydney and the guipure lace skirt workshop in Brisbane.

‎ Tadmur) is an ancient Semitic city in present-day Homs Governorate, Syria.

Archaeological finds date back to the Neolithic period, and the city was first documented in the early second millennium BC.

Nie tylko ja zresztą przyczyniłem się do oddolnej akcji dożywiania Cyganów.

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